Wednesday, November 25, 2009

American hypocrisy

Excerpt from Twitter:

“Adam Lambert is a popular topic on Twitter right now. ABC's Good Morning America canceled his Nov. 25 appearance due to the sexual nature of his performance at the American Music Awards. He will instead appear on CBS's The Early Show.”

Pictures from Lambert's AMA's performance:

Here’s a funny... When I was a teenager (and then young adult), I couldn’t wait to come to USA cause I thought USA was more of a liberal country than my lil island. Instead, I found 3 states full of sissies with STREETLIGHT POLES up their assholes getting all scandalized about the most stupidest/trivial things in the world. So Britney spears kissed Madonna… so Janet Jackson showed her tit… so Adam Lambert mimicked public dick sucking and made out with half his male crew while performing at the AMA’s. SO… FUCKING… WHAT??? Aren’t there more vital things to worry about than an openly gay young man and what he does with his mouth? Like, hell, I don't know… World hunger? War? Government corruption? Unemployment? WHO IS REALLY RAISING YOUR FUCKING KIDS???? It’s a fucking music show for Pete’s sake! Aren’t music (performances) supposed to be an outlet for whatever it is the artist wants to convey? WHAT THE FUCK EVER HAPPEN TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH?!?!?! YEAH… THAT THING THAT USA KEEPS SAYING WE HAVE BUT YET THE PEOPLE KEEP OPPRESSING?!?!?! If the viewers were so horrified about it, then why the fuck did they watch the whole thing? You know, there’s PLENTY of buttons on that remote control. Tune out for a couple minutes… five minutes tops! And then go back to the AMA’s. What about Rihanna's performance.... Did anyone say anything about what she was wearing? Or the lack of???

She got to do GMA after this.

I’m so fucking sick of this American hypocrisy!


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