Thursday, December 24, 2009

A quick trip to the supermarket

I LOVE cooking! But I don't cook often. It's just not as fun when I cook for myself, so I tend to buy ready to eat food rather than cook it.

I've been meaning to make some yummy home made marshmallow sweet potato casserole and I figured, what better day to cook it than Xmas day! So to the supermarket I went!

So on my way back from NYC, I got off near the supermarket and walked 5 blocks in the cold. It is days like this when I miss my car the most.

I... will NOT miss this snow!
As I was looking for my sweet potatoes, I found 2 different kinds! I was a little bit confused but thank God for picture phones! I sent these two to my mommy and she set me straight!

I say sweet pota-toe
You say sweet pota-toh
Yes... I bought one of these and I ate it in 2 days! It was delicious!!!
I got one of these to make some cheesecake later on. I heard the No Bake Cheesecake is yummy! I'll be the judge of that when I get to it.
I am ADDICTED to Contessa frozen foods!
I LOVE Goya products! "Si es Goya, tiene que ser bueno!" or... We can use the "American" tag line which is "Goya! Oooooh Boya!" lol.. yeah, I know... retarded! lol... moving on!
Miraculously enough... I didn't buy any of these. Dont know why tho. I REALLY wanted that Chocolate Fudge cake!

Like always... I go to the supermarket to get 6 ingredients and I end up w 30 other things I didn't think to buy but somehow they made it inside my shopping cart. Lots of frozen deliciousness... no REAL food. I'm a single gal... I can get away with this! lol

And there ya go... A lil peek into my very healthy diet.

Thank God for somewhat good genes! LOL

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