Sunday, January 24, 2010

Its a BUST!

Well... Kinda.
Isn't this like the cutest ghetto sign you've ever seen? lol
Good heavens!

Will I be able to do this again next weekend? How did I come to own so much SHIT? I keep asking myself that with no other answer but the fact that its just hard for me to part from certain things.

Why do I still own a Nintendo 64?

Why do I still own a VHS player?

Why do I keep books that I know I don't like and will NEVER read?

Sigh. Well, here I am... sitting.... waiting.... as I've been waiting since 12:34pm today (it's 4:27pm right now)... with only $8 in my pocket from a steamer and an iron I sold. I suppose $8 is better than nothing...

Oooh its 5:08pm and I just sold my dining room table. That makes me $40 richer. Not bad.

Well... hopefully I'll soon sell all the big furniture. That's all I really want.

Someone's garbage is always someone else's treasure...


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