Thursday, January 14, 2010

So much shit!

Moving is a pain in the ass. More importantly… it’s a pain in MY ass. Never really noticed how much SHIT I accumulated in a 7 ½ year term. I mean… I own so much stuff, my belongings have actually made the task of packing overwhelming. How did I accumulate so much crap?!?!

One thing is for sure… I will do my VERY BEST to never ever every try own as much crap as I do now. Life should be simple… clean… easy! So that’s my new rule. The simpler the room the better it looks. There’s no need to have 20,000 picture albums when there’s technology that will put all those pictures in one (or a couple) of CDs. There’s no need to hold on to video game consoles when you only have the urge to play video games once a year. There’s no need to save check stubs from 2006 when its 2010. There’s no need to have 17 tubes of lotion when you never put that shit on. From now on I will be more conscious of what I buy and WHY I’m buying it.

Mommy!!! Can I go with you??
This nightmare will NEVER happen again!
OMG I'm DONE!!!!!!!!

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