Monday, February 22, 2010

"The land of dreams"

Its like the horse following the carrot where they keep on and on and on trying to reach something that is rarely reached. Still, they stay in the country for that dream.... that promise. that psychobabble bullshit that is fed to all of us by those that BLINDLY love "America."
So many immigrants come here with the "promise" of a better life and end up getting the shittiest jobs, the shittiest pay, and the longest shittiest work hours. then rent is so expensive that 5 families end up having to share a ONE bedroom apartment all cramped up, to make ends meet.

Is it really worth it? Even though I was one of the "lucky" ones and landed a well paying job in the not so big apple... I say.... NO!!!

...While the land of the GREED is the home of the SLAVES...
I should have come back home LONG LONG ago!

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  1. The American Dream is so overrated! Live your own dream and make it happen.