Monday, March 8, 2010


Plain and simple... THIS was one of the most amazing experiences EVER!

It was a rainy gray day after a few really rainy gray days and we just had enough of it... So we decided to head West! Parasailing plans were in the works to be done in Isla Verde, BUT the East side of my lil island was in tears so the West side was the best place to go. I did some Googling and found that they did Parasailing in Rincon. I called. A gringo picked up. That was that. To Rincon we go! YAY!!!

And on our way to Rincon, in the town of Aguadilla, I found this...
Now, if you're not very observant, you may ask: What's wrong with this picture? Look at the license "plate" will ya??? (Click on the picture if you're blind!).

Yes my dear friends! Apparently in this island is "ok" to grab a piece of cartboard, a sharpie, and just write the license plate numbers on it. This is SOOOOO WRONG I just can't help to LOVE it!

So after a couple of stops to get coffee and delicious snacks, we finally arrived to Rincon. The lil yellow boat is the one that dragged us in the air for a full 15 minutes, and let me tell you, it was money well spent!

While we were up in the air, we saw the ocean live below us. We saw fishies and a friggin Manatee! And even though I'm TERRIFIED of what lives in ocean waters, it was defenetelly a one of a kind experience and I super happy I got to live it with one of my very good friends.

That's us up there! WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! lol

If you ever decide to go Parasailing, I seriously recommend calling "Rincon Vacations"! The staff was super nice and super chill. Laid back people truly make a better world and amazing experiences!

Justin Turri -- Rincon Vacations

o. 787.632.2889 | c. 970.333.0443

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