Tuesday, March 30, 2010

White ass holes

I will never understand the cosmetic world's obsession with whitening (or lightening) everything!



And now... you can bleach your ASS HOLE and your LABIA with this magic cream!

What in the world is it with this human obsession of being white and/or having what some consider to be "white" traits and/or physical features??? Who's gonna care what color your ass hole or your labia is? I mean... REALLY????

There's obviously a market for this if this is still selling, so my question is simply... Who the fuck has the time to apply this thing "multiple times" per day??? Oh, and lets not forget that this cream does not offer permanent results so if you want a white pale sick looking ass hole, you're gonna have to bleach it for the rest of your sorry petty ridiculous life!

Good heavens!

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