Sunday, May 16, 2010

Light you up!

Approximately 11 years ago I bought a used car. It was about 10 years old, it cost me $5K and it was in perfect conditions. I was young and stupid and didn't take care of my new old car, so within a couple years, it just wanted to be put to rest. So... I sold it and moved out of the country, cause that was the plan. After "The Bastard", I owned 2 cars. Both new. I loved them both. Before moving back home I decided to have my mom buy my car for me so I'd have wheels from the second I stepped on... The Island. Well, not everything goes as planned. Tho the "Green Hornet" currently known as the "HumBug" did give me 2 months of good road times. Now he's asking to be put to rest. Problem is, that I can't. I need wheels here! So, my dear HumBug, until I get a job and save enough to get a new car, WE are gonna have to deal. So please, be somewhat good to me, and I'll pay you the same respect. Until that time comes... I'll dream of this

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