Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Domestic Violence in Reality TV

I am simply appalled at some of the stuff I sometimes have to watch on TV, but this post is specially addressed at one of my favorite shows, the Jersey Shore.

Now, why I like the show is simple... I love watching how all these kids become rich in front of my eyes for being a bunch of crazy young adults acting like high schoolers. Its definitely the best Reality TV has to offer. A lot of people hate on them, but i'm pretty sure these Jersey Shore kids are laughing their asses off aaaaaall the way to the bank!

Ok, lets not deviate from the reason why I decided to write this post. Sammi and Ron. These two... Hell, I have no words to describe these two. I enjoyed watching them on Jersey Shore Season 1, but on Season 2, well, lets just say its been painful.

Sammi makes me sad. I mean, how can she stick to such an immature and manipulating scum as Ron is. It's embarrassing that he is Spanish. In my eyes, he certainly gives Spanish guys a bad ass rep. I'd be so so so terribly disappointed if he was my son... and amazingly embarrassed. I wonder where the hell he learned to treat women like that. Ron dared to say on TV "Everybody cheats", so my guess is that he learned that from his daddy. Daddy probably treated mommy like a total sack of shit. Ron, you are simply despicable. And this is for you Sammi... if you read this... you are a pretty girl with a very nice body. I am pretty sure you'll meet someone that's worth your time and dedication. This jerk you're being seen with and allowing to treat you like pure and utter garbage on NATIONAL television is not even worth 1/4 of a penny. If you need therapy then look for it and get that self esteem off the ground, cause right now, you ain't looking pretty. Looking like a fool on National TV by CHOICE is the worse. My heart goes out to you and I hope you are already out of that vicious and sick relationship.

To all the young women and women out there and those going through a similar situation... It is NOT OK for your partner to CHEAT on you. It is NOT OK for your partner to DECEIVE you. It is NOT OK for your partner to call you a BITCH. It is NOT OK for your partner to LEAVE YOU STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET while the cab he's on drives away. It is NOT OK for your partner to call you a CUNT. It is NOT OK for your partner to TALK ABOUT YOU WITH HIS PEERS LIKE YOU'RE A PIECE OF MEAT. VERBAL ABUSE IS NOT OK!!! EMOTIONAL ABUSE IS NOT OK!!! It is NOT OK for you to be "OK" with this situation because "He was drunk." If you don't respect yourself, your partner won't either. IF YOU DON'T PUT A STOP TO THIS... WHO WILL?The End.

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