Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Swiming in the Benjies

How much more can you milk a cow once you have obtained enough milk to feed a million for the rest of your lives? Well, looks like Summit will be re-releasing Eclipse in the States. Didn't they make enough money already? Add to that all the money they are making (and made) with Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse AND Breaking Dawn merchandise AND the movies of course. Lets not forget about the not so latest Summit stunt of breaking Breaking Dawn into two fucking movies. I mean... seriously?
I just feel bad for the idiots that will go to this re-release bullshit paying $10+ for a movie ticket. Me?? I'm a fan. Used to be a retarded fan but I am no more. I rather keep my money in my pockets or help my neighbors economy... so.... I went to my town's flea market and got me a copy for $5.00.

Needless to say... I can give three fucks about the re-release.

Just saying.

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