Wednesday, October 20, 2010

90's Movies: Pump Up the Volume

Oh boy I can't even begin to count the many times I watched this movie. Christian Slater is such a hottie, and the "speak up your mind" air of the movie was just... drawing to me. Did I mention how HAWT Christian Slater is???

"Hard Harry"? Simply DELISH!

Description: "Teenage angst finds a new voice in this drama. By day, Mark Hunter (Christian Slater) is a quiet, studious student at an ordinary suburban high school in Arizona. But at night, Mark creeps down into his basement, fires up his pirate radio transmitter, and broadcasts to the community as Hard Harry, a sexually obsessed social commentator who passes along angry philosophy about the state of teenage life when not blasting punk rock or gangsta rap cuts. Hard Harry's sworn nemesis is high school principal Mrs. Cresswood (Annie Ross), who keeps SAT scores up at the expense of her students' dignity and individuality by eliminating "troublemakers" from the student body. Hard Harry's broadcasts, however, have become a rallying point for the school's misfit underclass, and Mrs. Cresswood is determined to track down the mystery student and bring him to justice. More serious and intelligent than the average teen film, Pump Up the Volume was written and directed by Allan Moyle." - Source

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