Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Very First Pumpkin Carving

So here I am... 31 years old... Never carved a pumpkin in my life!

This probably stems from the fact that I come from a religious family which doesn't celebrate Halloween because is a pagan day. Yeah, who wants to celebrate satan's day? Certainly NOT me!!!

Well... Now I'm all growed up. I say... "No big deal!". Why not carve a pumpkin! Its fun, I have nothing else to do, and I'm bored to death!

Step one: Cover the floor with some type of paper. I don't really feel like mopping afterwards so I better keep this clean!

Step two: Always bring an assistant. Mine is my baby. World, meet Miss Inspector Butters!
Um... Ok, so the REAL step 1 should be "Search for carving ideas". Whatever. It's a free country and decided to make this Step 3! :-D
Hm... Round eyes? I don't think so!
Cute, but I those round eyes look pretty darn complicated when working w a straight lil knife.
Twilight inspired stencils??? Hahahahaaa AWESOME!
I wonder when the Edward toilet paper will come out?
Oooooooooooh! BINGO!!!! Easy and to the point! Found my inspiration! Lets get to it!

Step 4: Stab the crap out of the pumpkin! ITS FUN!!
Step 5: Remove the stem. You will put this back on so do it with style, lol
Step 6: Suck that sucker clean! Not literally please, that'd be kinda gross.

Look at my insides says Mr. Pumpkin

Ok now, Step 7: Draw the shape of the eyes, nose and mouth with a sharpie. No sharpie? No Problem! Just grab a pen. I just happen to like sharpies :-)

Phew! I got my stem back! I was starting to feel a bit naked.

Ok, now just put a lil candle inside the lil pumpkin and VOILA!!! Ok... Lets turn off the lights!!!