Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fueled by fear

Like any regular Wednesday, my alarm clock goes off at 8 a.m. Then my battery alarm clock goes off at 8:10 a.m. Then my phone alarm goes off at 8:15 am and now I know I HAVE to wake up and start my day.

Sigh.It's freezing outside, of course. I hate my life.

I arrive to work. Turn on my computer. Log in to Twatter, Lamebook, Yapoo (total rutine), then open up to read about how many dead people were found in the gutter or how much money puertorrican senators make (which btw its OBSCENE and utterly GROSS).

Around 10:30 a.m., we get an announcement from the building's security office letting us know that there's a suspicious van parked outside the building and that everybody that has an office facing Broadway Avenue should move towards the offices facing 7th Avenue.

I roll my eyes. Browse around the web some more.

A few minutes pass and we get yet another announcement stating the same thing but adding that they have not been offered any more information. NOW people are panicking. People are walking around the office disoriented... nervous. Nobody knows what to do. The office manager tells everybody to stay in their offices like usual. People are just not about to listen. During these times when America is TOLD to be aware of their surroundings cause there's TERROR lurking in the corners (left AND right), all you need is that ONE person to panic to set that chain reaction in motion.

Aaaaand you better believe it... It happened.

I intended to stay in the office and blog for a bit, but then one of my co-workers pulled me by my hand, winked at me and said "lets get outta here... I'll buy you a coffee". No need to twist my hand to get out of that fucking hell I have to go to every hellish weekday.

Two other co-workers joined our "coffee" group. What a MESS they were! Eyes wide open, a lil shaky, stuttering and faces all flushed. I mean... seriously?

Pardon me, but if there was in fact a terrorist attack in any part of this world, we we would all know by the big "BOOM" the "message" would leave. Terrorists are SMART! And add to that the fact that the media pretty much tells them what they should avoid if they in fact wanna kill a couple hundred people... or crash a plane. They KNOW what they are doing and they don't hesitate. They dive in and kill themselves in the process. They don't do fucking "Hollywood" high tech remote control activator devices bullshit. They go in and get their "job" done.

A parked car is a PRANK! Someone obviously was too damn bored and thought... "Hey, let me steal a van, put some trash inside it and park it right smack in the middle of Times Square and see what happens."Yep... That's where I work...

I wonder if whoever did it was outside laughing and peeing on him or her own self! It was a COLD day so I suppose a lil warm pee can't be so bad.
All in all, I think the whole thing was super ridiculous, but I'm glad it happened cause our superiors at work, sent all of us home.

I was home by 1pm!!!

And THAT, my friends... Its PURE heaven!

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