Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mrs. Pac-man

This is going to sound really funny, but last week, my dog ate my vibrator.

Yeps... She totally destroyed my favorite purple toy.

I have to give it to her, she can really eat just about everything. She ate a chunk off one of my dinning set chairs. She devoured a brillo pad that was stuffed in a hole next to the heat radiator (to prevent any mice from coming inside my apt). She ate a box of chocolates I left on my night stand. She destroyed my Lost Season 5 DVDs. She ate my cell phone charger. She has destroyed every single dog toy I've bought her (exept for her "Kong"). Yeah... Inspector Butters is an avid chewer! There is no doubt about it!

Anyways... I've been browsing around to replace my very own loyal "lover" (LOL), and OMG I haven't seen so many weird looking things in less than 30 minutes!
I could totally have a bunch of these as a centerpiece... or in a fish tank! Oh-so-pretty.

What are these two for you ask? Well... They are Nipple Teasers! They are "quiet, discreet, soft, pliable and wireless."
Catch line for this on the site? "Give your pussy something to play with the pussy pets..."

That certainly got a laugh outta me!

Got Pineapple?

This lil explanation really got me cracking the fuck up!

"Sweet and exotic, the sugary juices of a ripe pineapple fill your mouth and run down to your nipples for your lover to lick off! For the sweetest satisfaction, grind the large yellow pineapple and its bullet vibrator against your joy button and lips."

Excuse me while I feel stupid but... WTF is a joy button?

Find all sorts of crazy fun stuff here ---> jelly vibrator

I really loved my purple god. It's gonna be hard (no pun inteded) to find a replacement :-(

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