Saturday, September 18, 2010

Moving.... Again.

So it's time to prep for my new journey... Orlando!

If you are my friend or know me, you must be thinking I'm crazy. Not for moving to Orlando , but because I keep moving. Seven months ago, I was living in New Jersey, working in Manhattan and feeling completely miserable. So I decided to move back to my country, Puerto Rico. Well, I've had five fantastic months of doing absolutely nothing and two months of pure work aggravation. What can I say... Some people should not be allowed to leave their houses. That's all Ima say 'bout that!

After careful consideration (and still pondering) I have come to the conclusion that I need to go back to the States. Although I would love, love, LOVE to stay here, it's just not an option at this moment for me. I can deal with the Summer heat. I can deal with the bad work conditions. I can deal with the morons I encounter on the highway every morning and every afternoon. I can deal with the stupidity that surrounds me every day. I can deal with not having as much money as I used to. I can deal with not living in a "city" where everything is accessible 24/7. I can even deal with the total absence of nightlife. But... you know what I can't deal with? I can't deal with not having enough cell phone signal to make phone calls whenever my lil heart desires. I can't deal with wanting to buy something online, and being declined the product because the seller won't ship here. I can't deal with being all excited about a movie that's coming out and then find out that the movie won't show here because there's no market for it. I can't deal with wanting to watch a show from CW, NBC or any other TV Network and not being allowed to because of my "geographic region". I can't deal with applying for a job, getting hired, to later find out that I'll be doing 5 other jobs in addition to the one I was hired for (its happened to me THREE times!). I can't deal with the fact that we are not allowed to stream movies from or Netflix (sign petition here) and who knows what other businesses. I can't deal with going to a fast food restaurant and having to wait 30 minutes for my food because the cashier and the food dispatcher have not finished their conversation about the non-happenings of last night. I can't deal with the continuous CableTV service outages.

All these might not be enough for you to make a move, but they are certainly enough for me. And even though I'm a lil scared of moving once again... I'm actually looking forward to it and see what's in store for me.

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