Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CABIN DOWN BELOW “Exclusive” Lounge For “Exclusive” People

Maybe I should mail this to the establishment, but I have no idea who to address it to. Sorry... I'm getting ahead of myself here. Let me give you the full story.

SIX thumbs down (I’m taking two friends’ pair of thumbs for this one) for “Cabin Down Below”!!! I am appalled at the treatment my friends and I received at this place. I will not be biased in this ‘lil rant, I promise. I will admit that the place is very cozy (when not packed with youngsters and when the music is at a reasonable volume), dimly lit (which I LOVED), fair priced drinks (which “regular” people like me are always happy to buy), and certainly LOVED the fact that they have a ‘lil smoking area easily accessible for customers. So for those points mentioned above… Kudos!

Now lets get down to business! I have gone to TONS of bars, lounges and clubs since I reached the “legal” age to drink 13 years ago (in my country *back then* the legal drinking age was 18). I have been doing the whole bar/lounge hopping in NYC for 7 years now and I had NEVER encountered an experience such as the one I did last weekend. So I’m chilling with my friends, drinking, talking, laughing and then I decided to take a ‘lil video with my crappy phone in the darkness of this basement. Imagine my surprise when a man with a pissed off face approached me and snappishly says:

Douche: “You can’t take videos here. Stop filming”.

-- I was utterly annoyed at his tone and attitude which made me say the first thing that came to mind (which I kept repeating throughout the whole one minute confrontation)

Me: “But you can’s see anything, its too dark!”
Douche: “I don’t care, I’m telling you to not do it.”
Me: “Its dark, you can’s see anything.” (I pointed at the image on my phone which was pitch black)
Douche: “I don’t care! If I tell you to stop filming you stop filming! I don’t care if you take pictures of your group but don’t point the camera at other people!”
Me: “I wasn’t taking a video of anybody in particular, and either way, you can’s see anything, its too dark!!!”

Chill pill anyone?

Douche turned around and left.

At this point my friends and I are in shock. What did just happen? The nice mood we were in was gone. We were like “WTF was that all about??”

About five minutes pass by and then Douche makes a reappearance…

Douche: “I THINK I want you all to leave.”
Friend #1: “WHAT?”
Friend #2: “WHAT?”
Me: “WHAT?”
Douche: “Yeah, I THINK I want you to leave. I was told you’ve been taking pictures of people entering the bar. If you leave now, I might not recognize your faces and maybe you can come here some other time.”

I’m pretty sure our face expressions spoke LOUDER than words.

I couldn’t believe this! Were we really being “kinda” kicked out of a bar??? My friends and I are respectful, hard working women that just wanted to have some cheap drinks on a hot summer night and have a good time. Was this Douche-Bag REALLY kicking us out??? We were FAR from the entrance door sitting on a “booth-like” area, minding our business talking about… “stuff”. Whatever, the point is that the least of our concerns was who was walking in or walking out. So he was TOTALLY BSing us! He just wanted us out (funny he didn’t have the balls to say “get out” and hid behind “I THINK I want you to leave”. But we had drinks and we had no intentions of throwing them out.

Ok, back to the argument:

Friend #2: “We took pictures of US!” (she pulls out the camera and shows a picture. He looks at it).
Me: “Yeah, I’ll show you the video if you want, you can’t see anything in it.” (I told you I said that throughout the whole “word exchange”, lol)
Douche: “I don’t care, you can’t take video.”
Me: “We didn’t know video wasn’t allowed. Maybe you should put up a sign that says so.”

And while he’s at it, maybe he should put up a few other signs…

This went on and on until Douche decided to leave us alone.

At this point, we were just so annoyed that we made the decision to leave the premises (either way we were going to meet up with another friend), but before leaving I went to the smoking area, grabbed a cancer stick and inhaled that sucker until there was no more, aaaaaand we bounced!

Oh, lets not dismiss that in the few minutes that passed from the second confrontations, my friends “bumped” into him on their way to/from the bathroom and he was still a total manner-less DOUCHE!

A question floats in my mind: Had we received the same nasty disrespectful treatment if we were skinny blondes with fake tits and fake tans, wearing hooker dresses and stilettos? I THINK NOT!

I’ve always said there’s a good and a bad way to say unpleasant things (a/k/a the truth). This idiot certainly chose the latter!

Needless to say, I will not spend another dime in this place. As long as I’m well behaved, I deserve to be treated with RESPECT and like a human being everywhere I go!

So here’s to HOPING that Douche-Bag does a Google search about this place, and this blog pops up. I truly hope he reads it one day. Maybe he should submit an application to appear in MTV’s “TOOL ACADEMY”… or maybe he just needs to be sent straight to VH1’s “CHARM SCHOOL”!

DOUCHE! Just remember one thing...

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