Thursday, July 30, 2009

Posts going postal


What has the webworld come down to!

Ok, so I'll admit it! I have been following this one website (which name I will NOT disclose), to keep myself updated and be in the "in" regarding Robbie's whereabouts while filming "Remember Me". I have come to the low point where I refer to myself as an Rpattz stalker. A title that I have very well earned since I have barely stopped going to set since this whole crazy frenzy started. There! I said it! Now find me and handcuff me! This one right here double dare ya! Hahaha.

Aaaanywhos... Today this no-name website was pretty darn "exciting". As most of the visitors there knew, "Remember Me" filmimg has been moved to some studio in NY (boohoo for us), but some one (or a couple of someones) had the "amazing" idea to post false statements (and therefore false hopes)about the movie being filmed in Midtown Manhattan.

And then confusion started! Some girls actually went to Midtown with the hopes of seeing Mr. Sparkly, while others might have just hauled it there to see the famous "PAs"... Whatever tikles your fancy.

Either way, chaos broke loose and people got mad, while others were cracking up. I'll admit I was laughing my ass off from the first post all the way to the last one! How do these people come up with this stuff?!?!

I know I might be the only one reading this blog (since I'm the writer, lol) but for my imaginary readers, I took it upon myself to take a few pictures of these posts and post them here. I just didnt think it fair for me to be the only one to have a laugh, ya know? Hehe. Click on the picture so you can have a better view.

So here ya'll go! Have a laugh and enjoy! ;-)


I wrote this blog last night and I was really tired so I didn’t even get to the point of it. Which is… Why do people have to see a good thing and turn it into shit. Don’t get me wrong, I love pranks! They make life better (for one of the sides anyways, lol), but, I think that this one got a bit out of hand. To place false hope onto others just to have a good time is not cool. If you’re that bored, why don’t you just grab a book! Make a blog! Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while! Go to a museum! Do something productive or fun with your friends!

My concern now is that because of this, any other true “clues” of Robert’s or whoever’s whereabouts will be filled with doubt and suspicion as we wont know if it’s a prank or if it’s the real deal. Like always, it only takes one to fuck it up for everybody else.

Shame on you ladies… Shame. On. You!



Just outrageous!



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