Thursday, August 6, 2009

Death & Co.

I was looking for a place where my friends and I could get together to celebrate a very well deserved Happy Hour, two birthdays, a promotion and a long overdue departure. I saw it fitting to have that celebration in one of the locations Mr. Asshole was allegedly seen while his stay in NYC. Don’t know who Mr. Asshole is? Oh… Well… I can help you with that!

Moving on now…

Death & Co. could be difficult to find but it shouldn’t be a problem if you know what you’re looking for. Inside, the bar/lounge is dark, yet inviting. While waiting for my friends to arrive, I had a drink at the bar. I’m a simple girl with simple tastes, so I just ordered a screwdriver with a splash of cranberry juice. *SCREECHING TIRE SOUND HERE!*
They don’t serve cranberry juice??? Good Lorrrrd! They have a mighty good reason for it tho, they only serve drinks with freshly squeezed fruits (and whatnots). Cool!!! I can deal with that. So I had my screwdriver with a splash of pineapple juice instead.


My friends started arriving so we moved to one of their tables. At Death & Co. you won’t be allowed to have a table unless you’re in a party of 3 or more. They have a wide variety of… interesting cocktails (with interesting names). The bartender seemed to take pride on their drink conjunctions. Anywhos… me being a Twilight fan and all… LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND ON THEIR MENU!
I cannot make this shit up! Lol.

So we all had drinks, sang happy birthday, blew candles, had some bites, ate delicious cup-cakes from Crumbs, exchanged stories, pictures, movies (don’t worry, as long as I know what I’m talking about, nothing else matters, lol).
All in all, Death & Co was the perfect place to catch up with my friends, have some drinks, a few laughs and a hellofa gud time.

If you end up visiting, you won't regret it. Camera flash is NOT allowed, so if you wanna take pictures, you better have night vision or a good ISO on your camera. The waitress came to us and told us (very politely) “no flash”, and we happily complied. They have a “first come first served” policy, and standing is NOT allowed, so if the place is full, tough noogies! Sit by the bar!!! I can think of two good reasons why to do so. First, drinks are cheaper! and second, you’ll get to see how these crazy drinks are made. Death & Co. doesn’t serve full meals, but they do serve “fancy” appetizers (or tapas) which they call "bites". Some are a bit pricey but you can certainly have a bite for under $10. Staff was VERY accommodating. Cons? I didn’t find any with neither the establishment nor the staff, but I wasn’t too crazy about its location... its right across from the projects!

I’d go back to Death & Co. in a heartbeat!

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