Sunday, September 12, 2010

Heneiken sumthin sumthin fest

I live in a ghost town where nothing really happens. No good bars. No good places to go. DEAD night life...

But every now and again something like this happens, and everybody and their mother assists (specially if its free! lol). There was a pretty big crowd at this event and surprisingly enough, no crazy shit happened (which I'm proud of).

I am happy I got to share this experience with a good friend and SUPER EXCITED I got to see my very favorite rock band La Secta All Star play live. Last time I got to see them play was 2002! YIKES!


I can die happy now. Just sayin.

More of them HERE, Twittah them @lasectaallstar, LAMEbook HERE, Utube HERE


  1. Um I'm happy 4u but I still don't like em lol

  2. i know who you are missy! take that back!!! GRRRR!!!!